To attend daycare at Urban Fauna, your dog must meet the following requirements:

  • Pass our temperament screening (call or email to set up an interview).

  • At least 4 months old & up to date on shots.

  • Male dogs must be neutered by 6 months of age.

  • All female dogs must be spayed by 6 months of age.

  • Leather or nylon quick-release collar.

  • Be current on DHLPP (or similar), Bordatella (kennel cough) & Rabies vaccinations - please provide copies of all vaccination records prior to start date.

  • Be well-socialized, not over-protective of toys or space, or be aggressive.

  • Be on an approved form of topical flea control.

It's very important that all dogs in daycare are compatible to ensure a great experience for dogs and owners. When you apply for your dog to be enrolled in Urban Fauna Doggie Daycare, we ask that you fill out our application form. You can download a pdf or pick up a copy at our store. Once you have completed your form, please call 503-223-4602 to make an appointment for an interview with your dog.

This is a get-acquainted session - we'll ask you a few more questions about your dog's temperament, and your dog will have a chance to play in the daycare area.