All grooms include toenail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, shaving of privates and feet cleaning in the base price, unless the guardian asks specifically not to have these services done.

  • All dogs are hand-dried and fluffed.

  • Ear cleanings include hair removal and professional cleansing.

  • All prices quoted over the telephone are subject to change upon inspection of the animal by the groomer.

  • Prices may increase due to matting, poor coat condition or temperament issues. Prices reflect skill and time spent necessary for required work.

  • All haircuts are to breed standard, unless animal’s guardian requests otherwise.

  • Dematting is $40.00 per hour on top of base price.

  • Toenail trims are $10.00 for cooperative animals, $15.00 for uncooperative animals.

  • Show-quality products (shampoos/conditions/treatments/products and tools) are used on each and every animal